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What’s a character to do? This week we discuss how every scene must have its goal. Don’t miss my weekly video blog to get info on writing, reading and more!

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It’s all copy.

Today it’s all about stockpiling stuff, collecting copy, shamelessly eavesdropping. Don’t miss my weekly video blog to get info on writing, reading and more!

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The Timer Game goes paperback!

In January 2014, The Timer Game will be available in the United States in paperback via direct mail.

It’s available through Harlequin Worldwide Library Mystery and Suspense, which focuses on amateur sleuths, traditional cozies, police procedurals and private eye fiction. I’m delighted to be part of the Harlequin group!

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The Timer Game is also on Kindle.

Click here to download.

You can also find it on Nook.

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The Timer Gamer is published in the US by Minotaur, in the UK by HarperCollins, and has been translated into Chinese, German and Italian.

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Timer Game Webisodes

The Timer Game is now available in Kindle and Italian!

Coming soon! A large-print version (published by Charnwood).

The St. Martin's Minotaur version of The Timer Game (with the great blue cover), is available at your local bookstore, by following the Buy Now link on this site, or by going to and pressing the hardcover link (next to the Kindle link).

The UK version of The Timer Game has a new cover!

Out at Night, the sequel to The Timer Game, will be published March 3, 2009, in the States and in May 2009 in the UK. For new webisodes, go to

The Timer Game - Episode 1

To see the rest of the webisodes, please visit the Archives page.
We hope you've enjoyed these webisodes.  To learn more about Grace and Mac, pick up a copy of The Timer Game at a bookstore near you, or buy now to connect to the webpage store links.  All the webisodes are available in the Archives section of this website.

About the Webisodes

I love reading, and I also love the interactive feel to the Net and I thought it would be great to introduce my characters from the novel in well, a novel way.

So here they are. The Timer Game Webisodes. We plan on airing at least two a week until the book’s pub date of January 8 in the US and the UK. Every Tuesday and Friday there will be new episodes up.

These webisodes take place five years before the novel, The Timer Game, opens, in a remote Mayan Guatemalan village, where Grace Descanso meets Mac McGuire and soon finds out that not everything is as it seems. . .

But isn’t that always the way?

So kick back, enjoy, and enter the world of The Timer Game.

Read more about the novel The Timer Game


You can find the complete archive of Timer Game Webisodes here.

UK Cover
The Timer Game

Do you really want to play?

Grace Descanso was going to be a pediatric heart surgeon--she was a brilliant up-and-comer with a bright future in a heart-breaking, innovative field. Then she took two months off to work in a clinic in Guatemala, and came back nearly destroyed. She won't talk about why, but she quit medicine altogether. Now, five years later, Grace is a crime scene tech in San Diego, going to AA meetings, scraping by and living to be a mom to five-year old Katie.

Everything falls apart again when Grace is summoned to work what looks like a routine crime scene. Hours later, two colleagues have been brutally murdered and Grace herself is under investigation for shooting the killer. Katie's all she's got. But when Katie is snatched, Grace is thrown into a nightmare world of timed riddles that she must solve in order to find her daughter before it's too late. Welcome to The Timer Game.

"A highly entertaining, intelligent, original yet classic medical thriller. Susan Arnout Smith has written a gem here--memorable characters and a fast and furious ticking-clock plot. A really good read."
John Lescroart, author of Suspect.

"As riveting as a ticking bomb. . .will chill you, thrill you and satisfy your deepest cravings for adventure. Smith is more than a terrific writer; she's a master in the making."
Gayle Lynds, author of The Last Spymaster.

One to watch:
"This is very special: a fast-paced page turner featuring a new series character in one hell of a gripping, race against-time read. For pure suspense, it’s a winner."
UK Bookseller, (UK bookstore trade magazine)

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